Our Story

“Ser Bhum” literally translates to “Golden Vase”, and it is one of the eight lucky signs of Bhutan.

Our Ser Bhum logo provides an image of an opulent serving vessel, demonstrating our brewery’s hospitable nature and willingness to share its bounty with all. The hint of foam at the top of the vase suggests a large serving vessel and a bountiful source of quality beer suitable for sharing.

Ser Bhum Brewery’s mission and motto is: “Simply Craft, Celebrate Bhutan”.

The first part, “Simply Craft,” stems from our desire and our passion to create a genuinely Bhutanese high quality, flavorful craft beer, which all Bhutanese and visitors may enjoy.

However, we didn’t want simply to produce a Bhutanese craft beer. We also wanted to participate in the remarkable developmental journey, which Bhutan has undergone, and its emergence as a progressive nation under the benevolent and wise leadership of our monarchs. Hence, with the second part of our motto, “Celebrate Bhutan,” we pay tribute to the extraordinary leadership, which our Kings continue to provide to our nation.

That is why we have chosen Bhutanese symbols to name our beers. Through our beers, we want to promote Bhutan.

Our story, therefore, starts from these two main objectives, and they will remain the main inspiration for Ser Bhum Brewery.

Hongtsho provided the ideal location for Ser Bhum Brewery, being away from the main city, in the woods and having the benefit of readily available clean, pure spring water. It is also on the path of a popular tourist route from Thimphu to Punakha.

In the spirit of warm Bhutanese hospitality, we felt that Ser Bhum Brewery would provide the opportunity to welcome everyone to stop by and enjoy each of our beers, learn about brewing and our different beer styles, or simply relax with friends at our oasis on the road of life.

Ser Bhum Brewery always shall strive for quality, appeal to explorers, promote Bhutan and be a genuinely Bhutanese company, providing long term opportunities to young men and women and care for the environment.