This is our main flagship beer, named after a species of Butterfly found in Bhutan.

We named our Amber Ale after this national treasure because we wanted the world to know that this is a proudly Bhutanese version of the Amber Ale beer style, which is enjoyed by discerning drinkers around the world.

With an alcohol context of 5%, this is a medium bodied beer which has a biscuity, malty, and caramel aroma and flavour that is driven from the Munich and Victory malts used. It also has a liberal amount of Crystal malt in it to give it a deep rich amber colour.

Magnum hops are used to bitter the beer as they produce a clean, neutral bitterness.

East Kent Goldings and Willamette hops are used as a late hop addition to give mild floral, earthy and slightly spicy hop aromas.

The body and flavour of the beer is more of an American style, whereas the hops characteristics are more of an English style, which allow this beer to be very accessible to people who are new to drinking craft beer.


The story of Bhutan begins with a dragon, with thunder in its voice and fire in its heart.  It’s the perfect symbol for our Dragon Stout.

Liberal amounts of chocolate malt and roasted barley are added to this beer to give it a deep, dark, black colour as well as lots of coffee and chocolate aromas. The roasted malts will give a slight astringency to the beer, which will be balanced by a slight sweetness added by the Crystal malt.

Magnum hops are used to bitter the beer as they produce a clean, neutral bitterness.

The bitterness given by the hops will accentuate the roasty characteristics of the beer.  However, Dragon Stout is in the low end of the bitterness range for stouts so that the consumer may drink more than one in a sitting.


The India Pale Ale (“IPA”) traces its origins to the British army in India in the 18th Century and its rebirth by small American brewers in the 20th and 21st centuries.  Our Ser Bhum IPA was inspired by these classic ales, but the recipe is our own.

This is a mild version of an American IPA with lower alcohol, bitterness, and hop aromas than many IPAs which you would find in North America.

This IPA has some Crystal malt added to it to produce a rich golden coloured beer with a slight sweetness given by the Munich malt added.

Magnum hops are used to bitter the beer as they produce a clean, neutral bitterness.

Cascade hops are added in the kettle, the whirlpool, and in the fermenter, which gives the beer lots of hoppy flavour and aroma. This is a classical North American ale hop and gives moderately strong floral and grapefruit aromas.